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Tadoba National Park

Safari Booking Tariff for Tadoba
Full Jeep INR 7100 / Jeep (For Saturday & Sunday) | INR 6100 / Jeep (For Monday to Friday)
Sharing Jeep INR 1800 / Person (Only For Buffer Gate)
Sharing Bench INR 5000 / 3 Persons (Only For Buffer Gate)
Zones Moharli Gate, Kolara Gate, Nawegaon Gate, Khutwanda Gate and Zari Gate
Safari Timing 06:30 AM - 11:00 AM | 02:30 PM - 06:30 PM
The price includes Jeep & Driver, Permit Charges, Guide Charges, Online Payment Gateway Charges & Our Service Charges and Taxes.
Note Safaris are non refundable.
Safari Booking will be CLOSED after 5:00 PM for Next Day booking.
Maximum 6 Persons are allowed in ONE Jeep.

Core Zone Booking Pricing

Booking in 4-59 Days Monday to Friday Saturday & Sundays
Amount INR 6100 INR 7100
Booking in 60-120 Days Monday to Friday Saturday & Sundays
Amount INR 9000 INR 13000

Tadoba Online Safari Booking

All Core Gates are CLOSED on every Tuesday.
All Buffer Gates are CLOSED on every Wednesday.
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Tadoba National Park Safari

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and Sanctuary is one of the noted wildlife destination popular for Tiger Safari in India. It is located in Chandrapur district which lies in the state of Maharashtra, India. Its name Tadoba has been derived from the Tribal god honoured in this region Taru or Tadoba and the river that flows through the area Andhari. Tadoba National Park is one of the biggest and oldest national parks of Maharashtra which was created in the year 1955 sprawl over an area of approx 1727 square kms. In the year 1986 Andhari Wildlife sanctuary came into existence and later it was diluted with the area of Tadoba National Park.

Jeep Safari in the Jungles of Tadoba National Park

If you wish to explore the dense jungle of Tadoba National Park then Open Jeep Safari is the most feasible option to travel inside the park. Four wheeler open gypsy takes you to the core and buffer tourism zone of the park. Its bio-diversity is unique and definitely you will love sighting apart from Royal Bengal Tigers and different species of reptiles and mammals. Tadoba is an abode of 74 types of colourful butterflies and more than 190 species of avifauna.

tadoba jeep safari
tadoba canter safari

Canter Safari Booking

This is a universal safari in which 22 people can be accommodated at a time.This shared safari or Canter is an open big bus in which there are 2 guides in the canter. Canters are the cost-effective option for safari in the Tadoba National Park. Online booking for Moharli gate can be done well in advance. In Tadoba National Park, Canter safari is available only in Moharali Zone. The most visited zone in Tadoba. The effective visit to Moharli zone via canter safari is priceless as well and it has its own charm. This mini-van will take you to the deep forest and add more value to your Tadoba trip.

Erai Dam Tadoba

Among many attractions, the Erai Dam is one of the main attractions of the Tadoba national park. The Erai dam is placed across the river Erai and is a severe overflowing dam. This Dam is 1620m in length and 30 m above the lowest base in height. Its water storage power and level of the Erai dam are 226, 500 cu km, and 985 cu km, respectively. This place is a beautiful sight to behold. No less than calm, serene, pious, untouched as pure as God. The significance lies in every bit of this and the history behind the same. When you visit this beauty, it is highly recommended to have some calm and soothing moments out here.

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If you are planning your wildlife vacation to the most exciting safari tour at Tadoba then simply make safari and package booking online and enjoy your tour without any hassle. We always advise you to plan your tour well in advance since the number of accommodation options and safari seats are very limited in the sanctuary. So online safari and package booking in Tadoba is Must. The thrilling and exciting trip of Tadoba National Park is a few clicks away via online safari booking in Tadoba and take pleasure in your comfortable tour to have a better opportunity of spotting animals. If you want to enjoy your trip hassle free then you must indulge in online safari booking as the whole preparation of the trip will be at its best and no last moment hassle will be a source of interruption for any. For online booking you have to go through certain guidelines that need to be followed with the aim to have the provision of maximum comfort for the travelers.

Geographical Details about Tadoba

tadoba map
  • 1. Total Forest Area – 1536 Square Kilometres
  • 2. Core Area – 716 square kilometres
  • 3. Type of Forest – tropical moist, deciduous forests with sal, mixed forest .
  • 4. Rivers – Johilla, janadh, charanganga, Damnar, Banbei, Ambanala and Andhiyari Jhiria
  • 5. Hills – Tadoba hill, rising 811 meters above sea level
  • 6. Temperature – maximum 40 degree Celsius in summer and 8 degree in winter
  • 7. Annual Rainfall – The average rainfall of Tadoba National Park is 1133mm

Road Distance from Tadoba to following Cities

  • 1. Distance from Nagpur 140 km
  • 2. Distance from Pune 742 km
  • 3. Distance from Mumbai 856 km
  • 4. Distance from Gwalior 850 km
  • 5. Distance from Navi Mumbai 858 km
  • 6. Distance from Indore 856 km
  • 7. Distance from Nashik 689 km
  • 8. Distance from Bhopal 500 km
  • 9. Distance from Jabalpur 418 km
  • 10. Distance from Katni 513 km
  • 11. Distance from Hyderabad 447 km
  • 12. Distance from Solapur 576 km
  • 13. Distance from Lucknow – 430 Km
tadoba tour
1 Night / 2 Days

Tadoba Weekend Tour

Lush green Tadoba is no less than heaven on earth. The real highlight of Tadoba National Park exists in its varied wildlife...

tadoba tour package
2 Night / 3 Days

Tadoba Holiday Tour

Tadoba National Park is the largest national park in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. It boasts 625.4 sq/km. Its major attraction is maximum...

tadoba tour packages
3 Night / 4 Days

Tadoba Tour Package

Tadoba's landscape comes alive with lush green flora and wildlife and trails. Discovering the wilderness ...

boat safari tour
4 Night / 5 Days

Irai Lake Boat Safari

Tadoba National Park offers the unique experience of boat safaris on Irai Lake. This allows visitors to observe...

Tadoba National Park History

There was a mythological tale, told in parts about a man who became the sanctity. Taru, a Gond tribal from a respected village confronted a prodigious tiger near a lake in his village. A Ferocious battle between the tiger and the man resulted in a disputed conclusionwhere some say that Taru defeated the tiger while others believe that despite his bravery, Taru was executed by the tiger. Regardless of whatever the tale is the man was considered a legend. A Shrine was also constructed in his memory along with the lake and the surrounding forested area which is known by the name ‘Tadoba’, from the man’s name ‘Taru’.
The Bulletin was then passed in the year 1931 stating that the shooting of tigers is prohibited in the national park and the surrounding protected area. With a total area of 45 km surrounded by Tadoba lake, the area has been declared a sanctuary in 1935. In the year 1942, shooting ranges in Tadoba were declared as the game reserves with Karwa, Kalsa, Moharli, and Mul blocks, and the permits being issued in Karwa and Kalsa blocks.
Gond Kings governed the territory for several centuries as they did ample for central India. It was established by the Marathas during the 18th century following the British period about a century later. The Area was declared a reserved forest in the year 1879 and later, in the year 1955, Tadoba became the earliest national park the same year as the Kanha National Park. Even after passing of the bill, overexploitation, hunting and poaching, and extensive cultivation continued. It was during the 1970s that the four hunting blocks were permanently closed due to continued illegal activities. In the year 1986, an area encompassing about 506.32 sq. km was declared as Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. And in the year 1993, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) with an area extending up to 622.87 sq. km was established thereby merging the national park and the sanctuary area.

    In short, one can get an idea of the conservation chronology of TATR through the points listed below:

  • 1873- British started planned fire protection in Tadoba
  • 1879- Tadoba is declared as the Reserved Forest
  • 1905- Tiger shooting was prohibited except for blocks with ‘special permits’
  • 1907- First forest rest house was built by Britishers
  • 1931- Restrictions were placed on the shooting of all the animals
  • 1935- 45- A Total of 45 sq. km. of the area covered by the Tadoba lake
  • 1942- Tadoba declared as the game reserves for shooting blocks
  • 1955- Tadoba National Park116.55 sq. km area was notified
  • 1968- Collection of all Non-Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) prohibited
  • 1973- 74- All four hunting blocks closed for hunting
  • 1986- Tendu leaf collection was banned within the national park
  • 1989- Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was transferred to the Tadoba National Park Division
  • 1992- NTFP collection was wholly banned in Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary
  • 1993- TadobaAndhari Tiger Reserve 622.87 sq. km area notified
  • 1997- Management plan for Tadoba Andhari National Park was approved
  • 1998- 2000-Tiger restrictions were placed on tourists and entry of the people and cattle into TATR
  • 2008- Core area of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve notified
  • 2010- Buffer area of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve 1127.17 sq. km notified
  • 2013- Unified control of the entire area was handed over to the field director of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tadoba is Famous Wildlife Destinations in India

Tadoba is called pride of Maharashtra. Bering the largest as well as oldest wildlife sanctuaries in India, Tadoba is noted for protecting and conserving number of endangered species of Tigers and wild animals. Tadoba is dream destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Blessed with wide variety of flora and fauna, the jungles of Tadoba is cool and calm i.e. enough for travellers to rejuvenate their mind and body. When you visit Tadoba, you are ensuring that you will be able to spot tigers and other wildlife species. The jungle of Tadoba offers a number of opportunities to see Tigers.

Tadoba National Park Safari Zones:-

Moharli Safari Zone: - Moharli is the best known tourism for tiger spotting, popular for giving shelter to the highest density of tiger in its territory. Open Jeep safari is the most feasible option to explore the rich diversity of flora and fauna of the TATR. Jeep safari rides passes through the densely forested area of the park where there is increased chances of spotting the rare wild species of tigers along with the other animals.

Kolara Safari Zone: - The Kolara zone is very much liked for its distinct topography and the greater possibility of spotting rarest of the wild animal species which are comparatively lower in this zone. The Possible entries in this zone are through Madnapur, Shirkheda, Alizanza and Bellara gates.

Khutwanda Safari Zone: - Among the top three core zones of the Tadoba National Park, Khutwanda Safari Zone is one of them, located very close to the Moharli Gate and easily accessible from Nagpur and Chandrapur. It is bordered with the beauty of flora and fauna and a wildlife resort around it.

Navegaon Safari Zone: - Being the best core gate in Tadoba National Park, it is just 140 km away from Nagpur. With the daily permit of six vehicles each morning and evening for tiger safari. It is the home to around 60% bird species which are found in whole Maharashtra.

Zari Safari Zone: - Offering the good and ultimate sight view of the national park, the zari safari zone has its own unique charm and various contributions like staycation nearby along with essential facilities and other such contributions. Also, booking safari from Zari gate will curl you through core and central areas of the tourism zones in Tadoba.

Pangadi Safari Zone: - Through this zone Kolsa range is accessible only from Pangadi gate with the permit of only two jeeps for the morning and afternoon safari.

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