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Popular Tourism Zones of Tadoba

Popular Tourism Zones of Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park is one of the most popular wildlife destinations in India. This most popular national park is the oldest and the largest national park in Maharastra. Located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, it covers an area of 625.4 square kilometers and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Another popular thing about the national park is the activities offered by the place.

The park is divided into three forest zones, each with its own unique characteristics and attractions. You can explore the three zones with the help of the very popular Tadoba Canter safari, which is also one of the most chosen activities by tourists there. In this blog, we will explore each of these zones and what makes them special.

tadoba zones
tadoba tourism zones

4 Zones of Tadoba National Park:

    1. Moharli Zone:

  • Moharli Gate is one of the most popular gates of Tadoba National Park, this gate is situated in the Moharli zone. It is the best place to spot tigers and other rare species because they are the pride of this gate. And this is the reason behind the fact that it is the most visited zone.
    You will witness all the highlighted areas of the forest in this zone and this makes this zone an ideal choice for all wanderlust. And not only nature but the adventure that you are going to experience with the help of safari is unmatched. And comes without a doubt that this zone comes under one of the country's premium wildlife and biosphere reserves.
    If you are someone who is not exclusive to things and is into things that are untouched and unexplored by many then you are in the perfect spot because this is the place for you. The gates in this zone are inter-connected, making it easy to find one another.
    Also, you are going to notice 7 gates in this zone, names of the gate as followed:
  • ● Moharli Gate
    ● Khutwanda Gate
    ● Agarzari Gate
    ● Devada Gate
    ● Adegaon Gate
    ● Junona Gate
    ● Mamla Gate

    2. Navegaon Zone:

  • This zone is popular because it is one of the best core zones in Tadoba National Park. It is situated at a distance of 140 km from Nagpur to Navegaon gate. And if you are someone who really wants to enjoy the ride on safari then it is really important for you to know the timings and number of vehicles allowed in this zone. So daily safari permits entry in the morning and evening but there is a limitation of vehicles which is six vehicles each.
    As we have discussed that Moharli zone is so amazing and there is not a single doubt to say that Navegaon Zone is no less than the Moharali zone at Tadoba Tiger Reserve. And you will be amazed to see the jungle structure of this zone because you will witness that all the roots look very clear and on the other hand you will notice the confusing roots in other national parks. Thai Zone offers wonderful places for you to rest as there are resorts that are worth your stay there as they provide all the facilities and amenities.
    This zone is very peaceful and you can treat yourself by staying here. Along with peace, you will get to witness different unique species here. Regarding the safari timings, this zone has the same routine as Moharali Zone. this gate will offer you more than you ever expected from it. It is very important for your experience to choose the right gate in the right zone for sure.
    This zone has various gates; which we are going to mention below:
  • ● Navegaon Gate
    ● Navegaon Ramdegi Gate
    ● Nimdela Gae

    3. Kolara Zone:

  • It is really important for you to choose the right zone for you as every zone has their own speciality and uniqueness, so it is important that you choose the gate according to your preference and what you want to see in the national park. This zone is a mixture of joy and adventure at the same time. If you are here in this zone, then you are going to get impressed with the charm of this wildlife.
    This Zone is the second most preferred zone by the tourist of this national park. This zone is situated halfway between the most popular zones Navegaon and Moharli. The most amazing thing about this zone is that there are high chances for you to witness the tigers because there is a high density of tigers there.
    Only 9 vehicles are permitted to enter this zone per day. And it is highly advisable to visit the buffer and core zone of Kolara for sure and trust us, you won’t regret even a second there.
    There are various gates in this Kolara zone that we are going to mention below:
  • ● Kolara Gate
    ● Palasgaon Gate
    ● Kolara Chauradeo Gate
    ● Alizanza Gate
    ● Madnapur Gate
    ● Shirkheda Gate
    ● Belara Gate

    4. Pangadi and Zari Zone:

  • This zone is situated in the central area of Tadoba National Park. In this zone, you will be blessed with many places where you can stay and enjoy the surroundings there with all the essential facilities as well. This zone is well connected with all the other zones such as Moharli, Kolara, and Navegaon.
    There are various gates in this zone as well, which we are going to mention below.
  • ● Pangadi Gate
    ● Pangadi Aswal Chuha Gate
    ● Zari Gate
    ● Keslaghat Gate
    ● Zari Peth Gate

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