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Tadoba Safari Permit Tips


Tadoba Online Safari Booking Tips :-

It is always preferable to book an online safari for Tadoba National Park. The right gate and right safari knowledge is so important so you need to take information from your travel agent. There are two safari rides, one is in the morning and the second one is in evening. The morning timing is between 6 to 6:30 am while the evening timing is 2:30 to 3 pm. Timings are flexible and can be changed as per the season. The availability of full day safari is also there if you require having then this is the best. The core gate and buffer zone safari ride’s tariff also varies so check all these minutely before doing online booking. As Tadoba has multiple gates in the core and buffer zone in good number so for the beginners it is tough to decide on which gate would be best for spotting tigers. For a good result you need to book at least two or three gates so that chances of viewing the wildlife would be great. This beginner’s guide will be very helpful for you guys when going to Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

Accommodations Facility :-

Plan your Tadoba Trip in Advance- If you plan your trip a few days before then you are better prepared with all sorts of travel essentials. You should always prefer to book resorts which are closer to your already booked gate. For that you need to ask your travel agent which accommodations are near your booked gates which will save your huge time and energy. Around the gate you will have a limited number of resorts and there are Government lodges as well if you are comfortable to be there. Also mind that in a few gates there are no resorts & hotels and lodging facilities at all. If you are ok with staying in the town then Tadoba National Park will be 25 to 30 km away. Do as per your comfort within all these.

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From Railway Station and Airport Accessibility :-

As far as railway station is concerned Chandrapur is the nearest railway station for a few safari gates of Tadoba National Park while for some of the safari gates Nagpur Railway Station is the nearest. You need to figure out which gate is closer and it depends on the fact that as well from which direction you are heading to the park. Pre-decided on that so that your accessibility to the park will be smoother and you will not be wandering uselessly. While tourists are coming in flights then your landing space would be Nagpur airport as it is closest for heading to the Tadoba national park. After that you need to take a pre-booked cab from Nagpur or Chandrapur. For the cab you need to pay for both sides if you are even taking one sided ride. The cab charges depend on the distance of the Core or buffer zone gates.

Food :-

Generally you are being offered a complete package in most of the resorts and there is availability of all three meals as well. The morning breakfast sometimes is packed by the resorts so that you can have this during your morning safari. When you are staying in Government resorts then you have to compromise on this food facility. They offer good canteens around and the cost of the food per person/per day is quite reasonable and on budget.

Safari Gate Process :-

You need to bring a Safari voucher when you are taking your entry to the safari gate for a safari ride at the given time. Vouchers should have the important details like the name of the tourists accompanying in gypsy must be there. You have to show the original IDs for verification at the safari gate which you have used while online booking. The guide and the driver are owed via the Forest department in every permit. Always prefer to reach half an hour prior to your safari ride. The fun will be unlimited on open jeep safari in which 6 people can be accommodated along with driver and guide. Spotting wild animals would be easier and adventure would be at its best when in jeep safari.

Well-Informed Tiger Tracker or Guide :-

Your trip to the safari will be incomplete if you do not have a better tiger tracker for your whole trip. Best tiger tracker will take you to the accurate tiger spots where tigers generally dwell. So one knowledgeable guide will make your trip worthy and spotting a tiger won’t be a big deal for you with him. Go for a better guide who has better reviews submitted on his reputation while booking online. They can easily track the tiger so choose wisely. You will have a quality trip with a better guide.

Tip for Driver and Guide :-

You should do this formality. Yes, tipping to the driver and guide at the end of safari is just a kind of ritual that you should follow.

Photography :-

Photographers especially need to carry extra belongings with them when they are into hardcore photography. You must carry extra batteries for sure as the light condition here is erratic. Do not forget to carry your camera bag so that your camera would remain safe and cleaning stuff should also be there for cleaning camera lenses. So be ready to capture the clickable moments here in wildlife.

Thrilling Wildlife :-

The wildlife in abundance is here in Tadoba National Park. Apart from Tigers there are numbers of other mammals also in the Tadoba National Park. Your trip will be amazing with the better guide as it will be full of thrills and excitement as he will certainly help you to spot many other wild animals apart from Tigers. You need to mention to your guide beforehand if you have any specific choice of animals or birds.

Clothes Items :-

First of all you should carry and wear a mask everywhere you are heading in the park. Mask is perfect for the trip as it protects you not only from viruses but also from dust. Some warm clothes are a must in winter and you should carry boots as well. Be prepared for everything, whether in winter it is so unpredictable.

Network & Communications :-

There are rare networks that work in Moharli gate and Kolara gate. The network connections are irregular.

This complete guide will help the beginners immensely in planning your trip to Tadoba National Park. Back to back we have mentioned all the convenient tips which will be worthy while being here in the park. You will not be misguided anywhere if you will go through all the travel and permit tips out there.

I do not think I have left any points still if you think I am missing any point you can mention in the comment box.

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