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Flora in Tadoba National Park


Just imagine the national park without flora; it’s like fish out of water. Flora is the gem of the park and the forest is meaningless and has no virtue if there is no existence in it. The embellishment of the national park lies in its essentials so why not discover the beauty of nature amidst flora? If you have to see the rich botanical family then you should visit Tadoba National Park. They are trees, shrubs, herbs, and grasses along with their local names, and types of flora.

Get to know Tadoba National Park's botanical family

You cannot resist the enticing flora when you go through the Tadoba tiger reserve. You will come across grasses and bamboo bushes marvelously highlighted in the spaces. If wildlife experience is your cup of tea then go there amidst dense forests of Teak trees, crocodile peel, salai, tendu, karaya gum, mahua madhuca, and much more exotic beauty. I bet you will not get tired of a such fascinating collection of flora. You got to cover Black Plum trees' surroundings which grow lakeside, Arjun trees that grow at the waterhole at Panchadhara. Apart from this, you will come across more than a few therapeutic plants here like Kach Kujali which is good for treating a specific disease, neem, Bheria, Bija, and Beheda.

tadoba flora
flora in tadoba

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You will love the small collection of aquatic and semi-aquatic hemipterans in this forest of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra along with the patches of grasses and bamboo groves found as widespread farms here.

Have a look at the few most popular Tadoba National Park floras.

Bija Tree

This Bija tree is 30 meters tall and is also addressed as a pterocarpus Marsupium tree, Basically, it is found in Kerela and Karnataka region and is very exclusive in appearance and is rarely found.

Kusum Tree

This tree has very unique appearance such as a broad, shady crown and it basically stays widespread throughout the tropical Himalayas. Its red leaves are very attractive and look mesmerizing. Flowers are tiny but impressively beautiful with pairs of leaflets. March is the best time to see this flower.

Bark Tree

During winter, tree stands bare. It looks scissored and cracked, so it justifies its name crocodile bark tree. Diarrhoea is treated medicinally with the bark.

What is Tadoba famous for?

Who does not like the tiger spotting, flora, and fauna of the national park? Park that offers all that abundant beauty becomes your favorite and wandering there is solely an idea of fun and a certain kind of relaxation. Tadoba is meant to offer tadoba wildlife safari and this is what is famous for. Furthermore, you have the full opportunity to capture a candid view while using your cameras amidst the shade of pivot wood and energetic colors of palash. Finding such exclusive Black Plum trees, Mahua, Kusum, and Phetra surrounding the lakes is a very blissful moment to capture.

Seeing the tiger is always the best thing any tourists want to feel at that moment. Such enlightenment and richness of the forest are bound to call you to be amidst the lap of nature. Other than these few trees which can be witnessed during the Tadoba tour packages comprise mahua madhuca, beheda, karaya gum, and Lannea Coramandelica. Among the main attractions is Axlewood Anogeissus latifolia. Those floral species are fire-resistant. There is various kind of floral symbols in Tadoba, such as Flame of the Forest or Butea Monosperma, or Palas, which makes the forest more vibrant and those flora representations are worth watching during a stay at a Tadoba hotel or resort.

Be at the vibrant world of flora in Tadoba National Park and see how lucky you are for being here. These views make you feel proud when the surroundings are such attention-grabbing.

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