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Fauna in Tadoba National Park


It is not surprising to say that fauna makes a huge difference when it comes to wildlife. Without fauna and wildlife safari any national park visit is incomplete. If your interest is more in fauna and wildlife than beaches and mountains then your next exploration should be at Tadoba National Park. The land of the Royal Bengal Tiger is spread across 625 sq. km. Full of animals belong to Tadoba. The park has many specified mammals and they are sloth bear, jungle cat, sambar, Indian leopard, nilgai, honey badger, small Indian civet, barking deer, striped hyena, chital, gaur, dhole, spotted deer, chausingha, wild boar, porcupines, common langurs, Indian pangolins, flying squirrel, chinkara, blue bull, wolf, jackal, fox, rhesus macaque, rusty-spotted cat, leopard cat and many more.

tadoba fauna
fauna in tadoba

Get to know the fauna and be familiar with the mammals of Tadoba National Park

Tadoba’s Royal Bengal Tiger

It would be a sin for a few travelers being here in Tadoba and not able to spot Royal Bengal Tigers. They are most in demand and on the top priority list when it comes to exploring the wilderness in full swing. Tadoba has all the good sides and makes you meet with all the desirable fauna. You deserve to spot them so with the guide's help things will be easier.

Tadoba’s Birds

If birds sighting hits you differently and seeing them in appearance is the ultimate thing for you then Tadoba is the place for you. Birds are available in different ranges and you feel love at the first sight watching them vigorously. All kinds of birds in different colors with different shapes and sizes can be found in Tadoba bird-watching zones. Tadoba jungle got you covered with an abundance of Grey-headed fish eagle, Crested serpent eagle, Changeable hawk-eagle, Asian Paradise flycatcher, Indian pitta, peacock, Black-naped blue flycatcher, warblers, Stone curlew, Orange-Headed Thrush, Crested Treeswift, Crested Honey Buzzard, Bronze-Winged Jacana, Lesser Golden-backed Woodpecker, shy jungle fowl, Malabar pied hornbill, Indian scimitar babbler, painted Francolin, Tickell’s blue flycatcher, golden oriole, mottled wood owl, brown fish owl, plum headed parakeet, Gray jungle fowl, drongos, larks, munias, Bonelli’s eagle, pipits and lot more.

Tadoba's Reptiles

Reptiles are attracted to watering holes like crocodiles. Also, home to the common Indian monitor, the Indian star tortoise, Russel's viper, the Indian python, the terrapin, the Indian cobra, the krait, the tree snake, the leaf-nosed snake, and a lot more. There is a dearth of reptiles here so finding them often is quite feasible.

Tadoba’s Insects

Tadoba’s dense forest is full of mammals and witnessing unique insects is truly something you will enjoy watching over and over. Though, without a guide, you won’t able to spot all these exciting and phenomenal insects. They are vibrant in color and make you watch them longer. Spiders and butterflies are kids’ favorites and they will get an extra edge finding them in natural surroundings.

You are sure to enjoy the beautiful fauna of Tadoba National Park. Get yourself all set for the Tadoba jeep safari for the fun meet with all the wonderful mammals.

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