Tadoba Safari Booking for monsoon season is open now! Safari is available for Buffer Zone Only. Core Zone Booking is closed till further notice.

Tadoba Covid 19 Safety Rules and Guidelines


Pandemic is one of the worst situations that we are still facing. Tadoba reopened this year in October. We learnt to live in this world with this Covid 19. Now Tadoba has already opened, so you must follow a few measure restrictions.

Authorities of Tadoba have decided to take all Covid 19 measures which will be quite safe for ongoing tourists. Needless to be fearful as we have maintained all proper safety which is worth trying till date and keeping our all traveler’s safe. The fresh start will keep the travelers up to date and that is also without any compromises.

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Entry Permitted with Covid-19 Safety Guidelines:-

Entry to Tadoba National Park is now limited as there is age criteria involved. Below the age of 10 years kids are strictly not allowed while tourists above 65 years and pregnant women are not allowed to visit the national park. The maximum tourists are allowed are only 6 members including driver and guide.

Remarkable Points:

  • 1. Mask is mandatory and also the inclusion of measures like social distancing, sanitization and scanning are some of the measures that need to be followed.
  • 2. The tourists must not be Covid 19 or should not have any symptoms of it otherwise they won’t be allowed to enter the park even in case of advance booking.
  • 3. Each passenger must follow the rules of social distancing while having safaris too.
  • 4. All modes of safaris should be properly sanitized before riding.
  • 5. Only online booking is available at this crucial time.
  • 6. Aarogya Setu must be downloaded on your mobile before being in the park.
  • 7. Safari riders are not allowed to carry any food stuff out there. Yes, only water bottles are allowed.
  • 8. Keep the distance of 6 feet at least in each one.

  • Hotels and Resorts COVID-19 Precautions:-

  • 1. The entry to the hotels and resorts are feasible only after a thermal screening test.
  • 2. The whole property sanitization of the hotels and resorts is done thoroughly in every area.
  • 3. In case any tourists are feverish or have a cold they will be quarantined and authorities will be doing something about it.
  • 4. Wearing masks is mandatory and you should not be seen anywhere without a mask.
  • 5. All food items get sanitized properly before cooking.
  • 6. No crowd and over gathering is allowed so maintaining proper social distancing is mandatory in every area of the property of the hotels and resorts.
  • 7. Aarogya Setu app must be in your phone so tracking would be easier for you.

  • If you have to stay safe then you need to follow these certain rules which will be best for your loved ones and for the authorities. You can have the best time around in Tadoba National Park when you follow all the guidelines. Remember your safety is our safety so follow all the guidelines precisely to avoid any miserable condition. Make your trip worthwhile and peaceful with us and we are happy to serve you best.

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