Tadoba Safari Booking for monsoon season is open now! Safari is available for Buffer Zone Only. Core Zone Booking is closed till further notice.

Tadoba Safari Gates


The Tadoba Tiger Reserve is divided into three zones: Moharli Range, Tadoba Range and Kolsa Range. The full area of Tadoba Tiger Reserve is 625.4 sq/km (241.5 sq mi) and divided into a number of zones and gates. There are two categories of safari gates i.e Core Gates and Buffer Gates. All the entry gates are well connected and easy to discover during safari and going to every gate is easy just get the full info here. Each of these ranges has core zones and buffer zones.

The core zone of Tadoba has 6 gates and the buffer zone of Tadoba has 16 gates of entry to the park currently.

tadoba gate
tadoba safari gate

The Entry Gates of the Core Zone of Tadoba

    Moharli Gate

  • Moharli Gate is the most visited entrance gate to the park and the oldest one. This is 180 kilometers away from Nagpur. The entry of nine tiger safaris morning and evening take place from this gate.
  • Kolara Gate

  • Kolara Gate allows daily nine tiger safaris each morning and evening i.e 18 safaris available in a day for tourists. This gate is 120 km away from Nagpur airport. This gate is in the core zone.
  • Khutwanda Gate

  • 140 km away from Nagpur airport and the six gates of the Tadoba National Park. This gate lies in the core zone. Every day 4 tiger safaris are allowed each in morning and evening.
  • Navegaon Gate

  • Navegaon Gate is one the best entry gates in the core zone. This gate is easily accessible to other areas of the forests. 140 km away from Nagpur and you can enjoy the 6 safari rides each morning and evening in a day.
  • Zari Gate

  • This entry gate for safari is very accessible and located at a distance of 190 km from Nagpur. Zari gate offers six safaris each morning and evening for tiger safari so there are 12 rides available for a day for tourists
  • Pangadi Gate

  • The distance between Pangadi gate and Nagpur airport is 250 km. The availability of two safari each morning and evening equal to the 4 tiger safaris in a day.

The Entry Gates of the Buffer Zone of Tadoba

    Agarzari Gate

  • Agarzari Gate is one of the best gates in the buffer zone and interconnected with many ranges. This gate is situated 20 km away from sub-district headquarter Chandrapur and 20km away from district headquarter Chandrapur.
  • Devada-Adegaon Gate

  • Devada-Adegaone is an amazing buffer zone for bird lovers. One of the best birding hotspots for tourists and you never know you may come across new things.
  • Junona Gate

  • Junona Gate is a mixture of core and buffer zone and bird watching experience is better here. This gate has many things to offer and tiger sightings are usually good in Junona gate.
  • Ramdegi-Navegaon Gate

  • Ramdegi-Navegaon is one of the best buffer zones where you have relaxing morning and evening tiger safaris. You will have a good relaxing time here as well with the impeccable view.
  • Madnapur Gate

  • Spotting tigers here is good enough and we can assure you that you will come across many species as well. One of the amazing buffer zones where Zunabai female tigress is popular here.
  • Mamla Gate

  • This new gate in the buffer zone has already made a mark in various animal sightings. You will have the privilege to be around your favorite beasts. Easy to connect with other zones and safari areas.
  • Pangadi Aswal Chuha Gate

  • Pangdi Gate in the buffer zone is a surprising element as it offers an unpredictable view of your favorite animals. Pangdi gate entry leads your way to the best view.
  • Sirkada Gate

  • Sirkada Gate is in the buffer zone and offers many good sightings. The entry will take you to the tiger safari to the deep forests.
  • Zari/Peth Gate

  • Zari/Peth buffer zone is amazing and everyday an average number of safaris are available here that will take you through the best sightings experience.
  • Palasgaon Gate

  • Palasgaon Gate is wonderful for spending some quality adventurous time with your loved ones. It has a morning and evening safari. Along with this you have the opportunity to have a night safari through this gate.
  • Kolara Chauradeo Gate

  • Kolara Chauradeo gate is in a buffer zone yet the chance of tiger spotting here is good enough. The morning and evening tiger safari are available here and the airport is also not so far. Quite reachable for the tourists.
  • Kesalghat

  • Kesalghat safari gate will cheer up your mood as the availability of safari is immense here and you can enjoy the ride here so tiger sighting chance becomes so high.
  • Nimdela – Ramdegi

  • New gate added in the buffer zone offers the utmost beauty of flora and fauna. Not very much distanced from Nagpur and Chandrapur airport. Have your adventurous time here.
  • Belara Gate

  • Tiger safari to the Belara Gate in the buffer zone will not let you regret as maximum sightings can be enjoyed here. If you are not getting other zones booking then try this one too and spotting your favorite animals can also be done here.
  • Alizanza Gate

  • Alizanza buffer gate is not very far from Airport. Here resorts are also in good quantity and quality wise that attracts tourists to be here. Sightings are also mind blowing so a must visit for wanderlust.
  • Adegaon Gate

  • Adegaon Gate has availability of daily safaris in morning and evening. Get into the tiger safari at this gate and you will have wonderful sightings easily.
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