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Behold the Exquisite Topography of Tadoba (TATR)

Behold the Exquisite Topography of Tadoba

  • 18/Oct/2022
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topography of tadoba

Visiting a Tiger Reserve requires a lot of planning, so why not head to Tadoba Tiger Reserve (TATR) where you get to sight exquisite biodiversity along with tranquility and fun overloaded while exploring the wilderness! Tadoba is the largest national park in Maharashtra. The Landscape of Tadoba is exclusively sprawled across 1,725 sq. km. finely split into three main forest ranges namely, Tadoba North Range, Kolsa South Range, and Moharli Range sandwiched between the two zones. Several tigers can be found in Tadoba because of the dense forest area and smooth meadows that provide a stabilizing atmosphere. The Jungle safari in the open-top jeep is the main attraction here for tourists.

Opulent Biodiversity

Tadoba's topography is characterized by southern tropical dry deciduous forest filled with dense woodlands, of which 87% is protected. In addition to teak, other deciduous trees include Ain, Bija, Dhauda, Hald, Salai, Semal, and Tendu. On the other hand, as for the fauna, Tadoba is called the “Land of the Tigers” as tigers are found in large numbers here. Some of the other mammals found here include Striped Hyenas, Jungle Cats, Spotted Deer, Sloth Bears, Small Indian Civets, Nilgai, Dhole, Gaur, Indian Leopards, Honey Badger, Chital, Sambar, and many more. One of the perennial sources of water that offers a suitable habitat for marsh crocodiles is Tadoba Lake. The Lake is a paradise for ornithologists with a wide range of raptors and water birds. Also, a very captivating river that flows through Tadoba park is the Andhari river which is a very good source of water for wildlife drenching the unique topography of the reserve.

Engrossing Topography of TATR

The Charm of the overshadowed teak and bamboo and the tremendous topography comprise of lakes, marshlands, and rocky cliffs are bewitching. The Reserve forest is not only rich in biodiversity but also rich in cultural values. The Rich biodiversity of this tiger reserve was once a favored hunting destination. Tadoba Lake snuggling in the southwest acts as the buffer between the reserve forest area and the farmland which extends up to the Irai water reservoir. Other wetlands like Kolsa Lake along with the Andhari river are also present here. The Tadoba Tiger Reserve covers the Chimur Hills, while the Andhari Sanctuary covers the Moharli and Kolsa ranges. Bounded on the northern and the western sides by the densely forested hills Durgapur village is located nearby. The Talus, Caves, and Cliffs provide retreat to many wild animals. Two of the forested rectangles are formed from the Tadoba and Andhari Ranges while the southern part of the reserve is less hilly than the others.

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