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Bird Watching in Tadoba National Park

  • Jagat Singh
  • 22/June/2022
  • Comments (5k)
tadoba birding

The overwhelming landscape in Tadoba National Park is not limited to spotting tigers only as it has so much to offer. The place is loaded with more exquisiteness and good to go with birds too. The variant birds are the source of richness of forest and drooling over them is the best activity one can indulge.

Capturing the beauty of birds

Who wouldn't want to see colorful and amusing creatures in the comfort? But this exotic beauty is for a purpose and some of them are manmade and some of them are natural. It takes a lot of provisions to keep those feathers in tip-top shape, and the male is, to say the least, easy for a predator to spot.

Several hundred bird species can be found in Tadoba National Park. This is a wintering area for the Red-Wattled Lapwing, which reaches Tadoba in the fall and stays here until March. Each year, up to 7,500 birds visit the lake, with 30% of them being Red-wattled Lapwings. Occasionally seen are the Little Egret (Butorides virescens) and the Green Peacock (Arctophila suffusa). Especially pink-colored birds frequently have a more or less long tail and their vibrantly colored heads make them easy to spot.

Migration birds visit the park from various parts of the world to feed on the water birds. It is home to several species of migratory birds including waders, ruddy turnstones, reed buntings, and green-winged teals.

Migratory Birds and Resident Birds

Migratory Birds do come in Tadoba National Park during January to April and their appearance is commendable. They are skilled in covering the long distance. Many people are crazy for their glimpses. Resident birds are the birds which you can see any season of the year in Tadoba National Park.

Best Time to visit Tadoba National Park for Bird Sighting

It is better you visit Tadoba National Park between January to April for the bird watching. You will get the opportunity to photographed both residents and migrants birds easily. Their effortless appearance will cherish your soul and make your trip successful.

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