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Here’s Important Cultural Sites of Maharashtra

Here’s Important Cultural Sites of Maharashtra

  • Divya Chaudhary
  • Aug 21, 2023
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maharashtra cultural sites

Maharashtra is a fascinating and dream state is situated within the heart of India. Maharashtra is a state which contributes a lot to the development of India and it is not working hard for the betterment of humans but also they are providing a safe and better space for various flora and fauna.

One of the most popular national parks which is an ideal home to diverse flora and fauna is Tadoba National Park and there are many others that are contributing to preserving and conserving numerous flora and fauna such as tigers, leopards, spotted deer etc. and people especially visit this national park for the popular activity which is the Tadoba tiger safari tour. So if you are willing to give a visit to this natural wonder of Maharashtra then don’t forget to take a wonderful experience with the help of this activity.

This state also provides tourists with some of the great and ancient cultural heritage sites that will leave them amazed. So today in this blog we are going to discuss these important and remarkable cultural heritage sites in Maharashtra.

Cultural Heritages in Maharashtra:

1. Ellora Caves - It is proof of the existence of Maharastra’s ancient artistry. These caves are part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These caves were designed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the year 1983. These caves were established the from 6th century AD to the 10th century AD. The caves are situated in the district of Aurangabad. There are a total of 34 caves which include 12 Buddhist caves, 17 Hindu caves and 5 Jain caves.

These caves are the symbol of ancient Indian rock-cut architecture, paintings and sculptures. The part of Hindu and Buddhist caves was built by the Rashtrakuta dynasty and the caves from 30-34 which means 5 Jain caves were built by the Yadava dynasty. And if you are someone who is interested in studying architecture and history then you should visit these caves in the months from November to March.

2. Ajanta Cave - It is another spot which is very popular among history lovers and architecture enthusiasts. These caves are also an integral part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and they were designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the year 1983. These caves were established much before Ellora cave as it was established in the 2nd century BC. there are a total of 29 caves which are situated in the district of Aurangabad. It was established in the time of the Gupta dynasty period. This cave is famous for its cave, architecture, history and beliefs.

3. Elephanta Island - This magical island is situated in the district of Gharapuri. This mysterious island is home to the Elephanta Caves. It is well known for its Hindu deities and mythological narratives. It was built by King Krishanaraja. The total number of caves on this island is 7. People visit this spot because it represents the three aspects of Lord Shiva.

4. ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus - : It is situated in the city of Mumbai. Formerly known as Victoria Terminus, this architectural masterpiece in Mumbai seamlessly marries Victorian Gothic architecture with Indian influences. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ChhatrapatiShivaji Terminus is not only a hub of bustling activity but also a symbol of Mumbai's historical and cultural significance.


Exploring these cultural heritage sites in Maharashtra is one of the main reasons behind the growth of tourism. These sites uncover the beautiful history, spirituality and artistry it holds. Each site is a piece of evidence of the legacy left behind by ancient civilizations and historical events, making them not only tourist attractions but also invaluable windows into the soul of Maharashtra. If you are someone who likes to feel the old ancient vibe, then these are the places that you must visit in Maharashtra. If you planning a visit to this fascinating state, then don’t forget to take a moment to capture the moment. We wish you all the luck on your trip.

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