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Engross into Fort-Sighting at Tadoba

Engross into Fort-Sighting at Tadoba Park

  • June 12, 2023
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chandrapura fort

The Tadoba Andhari National Park is commonly known as the Jewel of Vidarbha, gleaming brightly with tourism significance in the Chandrapur district. The first thing Tadoba National Park brings to mind is the unparalleled wildlife with the Royal Bengal Tiger being the prime magnetism among the wildlife explorers. It is very natural that the majority of the footfalls march toward feasting their eyes on the flora and fauna of Tadoba National Park. Quite a paltry amount of tourists are acquainted with the presence of historical and religious monuments. Not many will know that the national park received its name from the God of the Gond tribes of Tadoba, named ‘Taru’.

The hoard of words written below will enlighten you about the interesting monuments and give you a tour of Tadoba apart from nature and wildlife.

1. Chandrapura Fort - Nearly 47 km away from Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Chandrapura Fort is placed on the confluence of two rivers - Irai and Zarpat. The construction of the massive fort was initiated by the then Gond King Khandkya Ballal Sah in the 13th century and it was concluded in the 16th Century by King Dhundya Ram Sah. The height of the fort is estimated to be 15-20 ft and it boasts detailed carvings on the walls. The fascinating part of the glorified stone structure lies in its mausoleums in the memory of the rulers of Gonds, built adjacent to the Anchaleswara Temple inside the fort complex. There are 8 gates to the fort -

  • Anchaleshwar in the east
  • Binba Gate in the west
  • Jatpura Gate in the north
  • Pathanpura in the south
  • Bagad Khidki in the northeast
  • Chor Khidki in the northwest
  • Hanuman Khidki in the southeast
  • Vithoba Khidki in the southwest

2. Manikgarh Fort - This ancient fort of Chandrapur district is located on a hill at an altitude of 507 metres above sea level and approximately 94.6 km from Tadoba Tiger Reserve. The fort was constructed in the 9th century by King Gahilu, the last ruler of Mana Naga. the fort was named after the patron deity of Mana Naga, Manikadevi, which came to be known as Manikgarh at present. The fort is a significant embodiment of fortification in the ancient days and it contains a storehouse, living quarters, a flight of stairs leading down to a water tank built for storing water and many more. After sunset, the fort becomes a desolate place and the wild animals come here for a stroll. Therefore, the tourists are advised to visit the place in groups. Solo wandering is not at all a good idea at Manikgarh Fort.

3. Ballarpur Fort - Also popular as Ballarshah Fort, the structure is located on the east bank of the River Wardha in Ballarpur City. Located at a distance of about 60.4 km from Tadoba National Park, the Gond King Kandhakya Ballal Sah, the successor of Ser Sah initiated the erection of the fort with huge black stones. The fort was a strong symbol of defense in those days.

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