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Go Wild amidst Exotic Flora and Fauna of Tadoba National Park

Go Wild amidst Exotic Flora and Fauna of Tadoba

  • 24/Nov/2022
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There are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India for making your trip the best with a fantastic place to spot wildlife and birds in the most diverse territory.
Discover the world's largest population of leopards, tigers, and much more wildlife in India. Located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of India's most excellent reserves. The added beauty of Tadoba is its flora and fauna which is housing one of the largest populations of the endangered Bengal Tiger, the park also houses a huge number of great birds both migratory and resident. It is here only you can see abundant species.

Basic History

In Tadoba national park, wildlife safaris are the most popular attraction. Project Tiger reserves were established in 1993 in the park. The park is in Chandrapur district, almost 145 km faraway from Nagpur. A safari will not only enable you to see tigers, but also leopards, gaurs, wild dogs, sloth bears, jungle cats, hyenas, sambars, cheetahs, nilgais, and barking deer. The park is also lodging to about 181 species of birds which include endangered species and abundant water birds. You will also get to witness loads of swampy crocodiles and migratory ducks around Tadoba Lake. The Tadoba Lake is located at the center of the Tadoba-Andhari tiger reserve; one can find swampy crocodiles. You will have full of fascinating travel experience with a bunch of faunas and different seeds of plants and flowers are also the source of great engagement.

Birds: Hawk-eagle, black-hooded oriole, monarch flycatcher, grey-hornbill, and golden-oriole.
Best time to visit: October to March
Nearby attractions: Moharli, Khosla, Tadoba Lake, Pugdundee Safari, Erai Dam, and more.

Diverse Range of Flora and Fauna

Breeding grounds for a diversity of animals are found in this park. In addition to the Bengal tiger, there is also you can discover the sambhar or deer. Throughout your long or short stay, you will be encircled by lush shrubbery and a lush ambiance. The park is home to an array of animals and birds. It is a must-see for adventure lovers. Aside from bird-watching, boating, safari rides, trekking, and more, you can take part in other activities in various thrilling activities. Also nearby are some top attractions like Kandhar Doh and Kandhar Doh Falls, Tenali Falls, Chandoli Dam, Vasant Nagar Reservoir, and Kokan Darshan.

Your long stay in Tadoba jungle Lodges should be as worthwhile as you expected

Fun and incredibly spectacular beautiful staying options are immense in Tadoba. You can have the fun-filled experience of being laid back and then do a jungle safari.

Todoba Tiger Valley Resort

Tiger Valley is the basic resort for redefining back-in-nature hospitality with its outstanding service. You are drawn to the classic & comfortable place where you feel at your best lazing around or it is about lazing around.

Beyond Stay Mahua Tola, Tadoba

This place is here in the Tadoba jungle to win your heart. The priceless activities you cannot afford to miss once determined to attain all fun-filled adventure. The place is 12 km away from the Kolara Gate. This resort is here to make you fall for this as there are ample reasons for staying here. You are sure to have loads of fun and even if you do not feel lucky at all then coming over here will make you feel lucky. You have all the perks during your stay and your long hour jungle safari to Tadoba National Park. Jungle safari and trekking are the key things to do right here. There are camping facilities also are existing at a small number of locations within the premises. This park is surrounded by one untouched beauty of nature where you will realize nature in its perfect shape. The place is organically blessed with generous wildlife which includes an assortment of mammal species, birds and reptiles. Four-horned spotted deer and jackals are the greatest conspicuous animals in the park.

Final Edit

Sensing the pure love inside for the nature too and cannot wait to merge with the same. When you are all set to make your worthy trip to Tadoba then do not compromise in indulgence whether you are doing any wildlife activities or you are relying on the comfort and luxury of the lodges where you are staying. All the activities must go on and you should feel the zest from within while traveling to Tadoba National Park. Fun should be inhaled and toxicity should be exhaled when you are at such cute place. Your soul would crave for the same for lifetime during your short staycation and vacation.

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