Tadoba Safari Booking for monsoon season is open now! Safari is available for Buffer Zone Only. Core Zone Booking is closed till further notice.

Group Trip with Friends & Family in Tadoba

Group Trip with Friends & Family in Tadoba

  • 11/Oct/2022
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One single moment with your squad makes your day complete with a full bang. Are you ready to post more Instagram pictures that will surely inspire others to travel? The bloggers and influencers keep their travel updates up-to-date and give people ideas as to how they can make things better while traveling from their perspective as well. It is always in trend to have friends and family by your side and chilling with them is obviously on the cards for you guys. Why not be out of league and travel to Tadoba National Park to give freshness to your travel experience which you have taken till now ever.

In addition to sambars, gaurs, leopards, sloth bears, spotted deer, and so many other things to observe, you got an edge in terms of spotting all the desirable wild creatures that deserve special mention.

Take the aid of Guide

Most people think that they can go inside the jungle without assistance when they are grouped with friends and family. When going on the Tadoba Jungle Safari, you should always have a guide with you as the jungle is deep, and you can get lost or go into danger zones.

Are you picking the Right Safari?

It is difficult to know where to go when you are visiting Tadoba National Park. In case this is your first time visiting, there are a few things you should know. There are many aspects to consider when planning a trip to Tadoba Safari Park, including which Tadoba safari gate is your choice and which gates are available to you. The core zone and buffer zone are both good places to see tigers and other animals. In fact, buffer zones are magical and turn out to be more than you expected. Few zones are making their mark in the eyes of travelers because their sighting records are good, such as Kolara, Alizanza.

We recommend you book now from our official Tadoba website, so you can bookmark the favorite zones more easily.

Pro Tips:

Booking safaris near your accommodation is recommended. You can book gates based on the zone where you are staying by following the information below. There is no doubt that Waghoba Eco Lodge is a must try as it is the closest to Khutwanda gate which takes around 15 minutes and to Moharli gate which takes around 30 minutes from Moharli zone. Therefore, if you are staying in Waghoba Eco Lodge, you should book a safari in this zone.

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