Tadoba Safari Booking for monsoon season is open now! Safari is available for Buffer Zone Only. Core Zone Booking is closed till further notice.



  • Jagat Singh
  • 27/11/2021
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Tadoba National Park is one of the premium Tiger Reserves in India. It provides a protected habitat to a varied flora and fauna with the ample water availability and safe territory for existence. When you plan Tiger Jungle Safari, you add value to the Tiger Reserve. Your holiday in the Tiger Reserve brings abundance of support to local villagers and the team working simultaneously for making the tiger reserve more travel-worthy and enriching. Tadoba National Park is gradually gaining all attention from tourists worldwide. The wildlife explorers are enjoying their long and short vacay here.

Plan your Tadoba Tour

Tadoba has many things to offer in winter, especially in the month of December. A must activities that you should indulge in while visiting Tadoba National Park.

Tadoba National Park has its glory at its peak in December. It won’t be wrong saying December is one of the best times to explore Tadoba. Steal the deal and make the most of December when planning Tadoba tour to experience fall winter excellence.

Tadoba is moving ahead in an effort to encourage wildlife tourism by offering package tours in a structured manner.

Jeep Safari for Wildlife Sighting in Tadoba

A jeep safari is the most extraordinary way to experience nature and wildlife at their innate best. It offers ultimate opportunities to sight the subtle tigers, leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears, and ample of other fauna that flourish in the jungle.

Jeep safaris to Moharli gate, Khutwanda gate, and Kolara gate in December will give you an amazing experience. The other gates are NaveGoan, Pangdi, and Zari is also in one of the good lists.

The high chances of tiger sightings are in all gates of the park including the buffer zones. Moharli range is the best zone for tiger sightings of the tigers like Namdeo, Scarface and many more.

Impeccable Boat ride in Irai lake

The boating facility on the backwoods of Irai lake is the top class experience for tourists who love the calm and peaceful ride of the boat with their family. Photographers as well love to explore ideally some quality time here to capture the best activities happening around the lake. The boating timings are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can access from the core gates and Irai can be done from buffer zone safari. Irai lake is also accessible outside the park and through some healthy walks.

Birding Bonanza

The rivers and lakes are the must visit spots where you experience the different bird's view in abundance. Spend some tranquil moments with your loved ones and family to store the memorable clicks. Nothing is hard and fast and you can spot crocodiles, deers gambols on the fringes of the river with langurs. Once you go there you will realize you experience more in your travels than gathering some knowledge over the internet.

Night Safari in Tadoba

The new addition in Tadoba is Night Safari. The availability of night safari in the buffer zone from Junona Gate and 3 hours earlier before the sunset are the best nightlife indulgence.

Travel Tips:

  • Carry some warm clothes
  • Prior booking is recommended
  • Maintain some decorum with animals

There are many migratory birds that also arrive at this lake. So many nearby places will also excite you therefore you must visit with your family and friends to excel your holiday experience in December.

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