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Know More about Tadoba National Park

More about Tadoba National Park

  • 27/Aug/2022
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about tadoba national park

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, India. It is one of the oldest and largest national reserves of Maharashtra which is about 150 kilometres from the Nagpur city and located near Durgapur village with the area occupying about 1727 sq. km. and is bisected into three distinct forest ranges i.e. Tadoba North, Kolsa South and Morhurli Range, which is present between the two.

The Name ‘Tadoba’ means the name of the God ‘Tadoba’ or ‘Taru’ which is mainly appraised by the local tribal people in the area and the Andhari river flows through this area safeguarding and sustaining the forest area and the farmlands located nearby lengthening upto Irai water reserve.

The Vegetation here is Tropical Dry Deciduous with dense woodland type marked by comparatively lower annual rainfall with varying tree species like teak, sal, peepal,tendu, mahua, arjun, bamboo and neem prominently grow here, along with various medicinal species of flora here in the forest area with about eighty seven per cent of the protected area and few lakes are located here too, which makes sure that the reserve has rich water resources in the area for flora and fauna located within the reserve.Very densely forested area along with smooth meadows and deep valleys and clean atmosphere which stabilizes the tiger’s conditions exists. Along with tigers, there are various other fauna species found here like, sloth bears, Indian leopards. Nilgai, gaurs, sambar, chital, barking deer, jungle cats, striped hyena, peacock, jewel beetles, marsh crocodile and various other species along with endangered reptiles like Indian cobra, Russel’s viper, Indian python and many others. Every year the reserve is opened for visitors from the month of October to June every season along with the accommodation facilities available at the popular location of Kolara Gate and Mohurli Gate and remains closed every Tuesday.

The Topography of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is hilly with very less flat land available along with high grounds. Steep slopes along with little high lands present there are favorable for the biota species living there. The Major charisma of the Tadoba National Park is the jungle and the Tiger Safari in an open gypsy so that the visitors have utmost fun exploring the wildlife and spotting the rarest species of various varieties of flora and fauna. Also, this reserve has the best Central India’s indigenous woodland bird species in the forest.

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