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Know Tourism Zones in Tadoba National Park

  • Jagat Singh
  • 02/June/2022
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safari zones in tadoba

There are many safari zones in Tadoba National Park in two categories Buffer and Core zones. This park is also known as the “Land of Tigers”, which is one of the epic places to see Royal Bengal Tigers in India.

Choosing a safari gate based on your lodging is very important. People generally make the mistake of booking the resorts online and then booking the permits as per availability without considering the distance from their hotel to the gates or zones.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is divided into four tourism zones namely Moharli Zone, Pangadi Zone, Kolara Zone and Navegaon Zone.

Buffer Zones, Gates & Activity Details:

Moharli Zone Kolara Zone Pangadi and Zari Zone Navegaon Zone
Junona Gate Kolara Chauradeo Gate Pangadi Aswal Chuha Gate Navegaon Ramdegi Gate
Devada Gate Madnapur Gate Zari Peth Navegaon Gate
Adegaon Gate Alizanza Gate Zari Gate Nimdela Gate
Agarzari Gate Shirkheda Gate Keslaghat *********
Mamla Gate Belara Gate ********* *********

The main assignment of the Buffer forest is to protect the Core forest and ensure the animals have a safe passage for migration. Buffer forests also connect the National Parks to other sanctuaries and adjacent Tiger Reserves through ‘Tiger Corridors’.

There is a possibility always in both core and buffer zones. It depends on your luck since the Core zone had excess tigers earlier, many other sub-adults and transient tigers moved into the buffers. The buffers have also healthy natural and man-made many water sources, dense vegetation, and large, undisturbed pieces of forests. This makes sure that the tigers bring into being a haven for their survival, breeding, and habitat. Both zones are amazing for wandering and for doing a safari.

When to Explore Tadoba

Winter is the best time to explore Tadoba but I would say there is no issue at all visiting Tadoba in summer. Tadoba is perfect for tiger sighting during summer too and does not worry about scorching heat as it will not bother you as safari timings are early morning and evening.

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