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Must Try Things in Tadoba National Park

Must Try Things in Tadoba

  • Aug 03, 2023
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butterfly garden tadoba

Tadoba National Park is one of the most visited national parks in Maharashtra, India. The area covered by the national park is 625.4 square kilometers. It is the oldest and the largest national park in Maharashtra and as we all know that old is the real gold. Tadoba national park was established in the year 1955. And it is one of the golden spots in Maharashtra for tourists.

The park is well known for its diverse range of flora and fauna. There are around 159 species of flora in this beautiful national park and this park is also home to over 600 fauna which includes approximately 115 tigers, 151 leopards and over 300 other wildlife species. This national park is known as “the land of tigers” and the reason is that it holds around 70% of the total population of tigers in the world. But the huge range of flora and fauna is not the only thing you are going to love in this national park but there are many other things as well. The Tadoba Jeep Safari Tour is an activity that is very popular when it comes to exploring the national park but today we are going to talk about the popular things that you must do when you are visiting this national park.

Popular Things to Do in Tadoba National Park:

1. Irai Lake Boat Ride: This Lake is something that is most peaceful place as the aura of this lake is something that provides calmness to the souls. And boat rides in this lake are something which you should not miss for anything. A boat ride in the very beautiful backwaters of Irai is something that will provide delight to your eyes and mind. And it is the perfect place for people who love birds because you can spot various species of birds which include migratory as well as resident bird species.

Advice: You should always carry binoculars because that will take you closer to nature and will help you in spotting beautiful birds. So this is one of the best things that you can do in this wonderful national park. Some of the popular bird species in this Irai Lake are Oriental honey buzzards, White-eyed buzzards, Indian rollers, Indian pitta, etc.

2. Butterfly Garden: This place is blessed with a place like Butterfly Garde and it is one of the biggest spots for tourists. Imagine a place full of butterflies of different colors and sizes, isn’t it beautiful? Indeed it is. You can spot over 80 species of butterflies in this garden. You can spot one of the rarest species of butterflies which is Blue Mormon. This butterfly will take your heart away for sure. If you want to enhance your trip to Tadoba National Park it is something you must do. Some of the popular butterfly species that you can spot in this garden are Nymphalidae, Lycaenidae, Pieridae, etc.


So these are the two things that will provide peace to your soul and mind. These are unpopular reasons behind the growing tourism of the national park. If you are someone who is seeking an escape route from your city life this is where you need to be. Even there are many popular spots near Tadoba as well, where you learn about the culture, tradition and history of the place. We wish you all the luck for your amazing trip to Tadoba National Park.

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