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Pair Tadoba Wildlife Tour with Other Attractions in Chandrapura

Pair Tadoba Wildlife Tour with Other Attractions

  • Aug 12, 2023
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Located in the southwestern part of Nagpur region in Maharashtra, Chandrapura is an important city in terms of tourism. The city is enriched with historical attractions, natural beauty, archeological sites and religious places. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is the main attraction of Chandrapura. As the history of the city puts it, the city was named Lokapura. At first, it was changed to Indpur and then to Chandrapura. Chandrapura is said to have been ruled by Buddhist and Hindu rulers for a long time. Subsequently, the territory was governed by Mana and Gonds. After 1751, it came under the administration of the Maratha Period till 1853. Presently, Chanfrapura City possesses the largest Super Thermal Power Station in India and is known as the ‘City of Black Gold’.

Here are some of the interesting tourist attractions in Chandrapura -

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve - The Tadoba Tiger Tour is a must-do activity included in a trip to Chandrapura. The Jeep and Canter safaris take visitors into the heart of the forest to watch wildlife in their natural habitat. The Tiger Reserve comes under the 53 Project Tiger Tiger Reserves.

Mahakali Temple - The Mahakali Temple is the abode of Goddess Kaya Mata Devi. The temple is open to devotees every day except for Tuesdays. In the month of April, the goddess set on for a yatra and many devotees participate in the auspicious journey. Therefore, April is the best time to visit the temple to get involved in the culture and traditions of the city. The temple walls are embellished with carvings of various figurines of gods and goddesses.

Bijasan caves - Among the several ancient caves in the Bhadravati village of Chandrapura district, Bijasan caves have gained the utmost popularity among tourists. The rock-cut caves are a perfect spot for photography. However, the Bijasan Caves need to be visited by evening, as nobody is allowed to wander there after 6 pm. The caves are said to be more than two thousand years old.

Anchaleshwar Mahadev Temple - The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located just outside the Gond Fort. One can easily notice the statue of the sacred Nandi bull facing the sanctum sanatorium of the temple.

Bhadravarti Jain Temple - This is a 100+ year’s old temple and is of great religious significance. The entire temple structure is constructed using marble rock and the architecture is worth admiration.

Seven Sisters Hill - Also known as Saat Sincha Dongar, Seven Sisters Hill is a beautiful spot ideal for trekking and getting mesmerised by the panoramic views. The natural environment surrounding the area is known as Perjagad. According to legends, seven sisters lived in the mountains and therefore the mountain is named after them. Tourists can also see the idols of the seven sisters in the mountains.

Manikgad Fort - It is a great place for history buffs. Manikgad Fort is a hill fort and while climbing the stairs of the fort the panoramic scenic view of the surrounding is simply breathtaking. The fort structure is built of Kaya stones.

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