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Tadoba National Park for Better Wildlife Spotting

  • Siddh & Deepak Rai
  • 01 Feb 2022
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If tiger spotting or other wild animals hit you differently, beginners guide to spotting wildlife whilst on safari. While most of our time is spent indoors during pandemic, a candid getaway amidst nature won't do us any harm. If you are the one planning a mini-vacation, why only have beaches, mountains? Wildlife has all the wonders as well for some travel worthy moments of your awesome stay with your friends and family. Your cozy trip with the cozy stay will offer all the brilliance that you deserve. Here's a look at places you can visit without relinquishing your valuable time and yet value for money.

 wildlife spotting in tadoba

Think About Best Time of Day

Morning and evening time is best for spotting the wild animals. That is why there is a very suitable reason for having morning and evening safari for watching the movements and behavior. This is the most active time for watching the mammals and birds. During day time spotting is very rare as it is too hot for seeing them and you can see reptiles this afternoon. Many mammals can be viewed as most visible then, and many mammals can be viewed under the shades of trees.

Go Around Water Areas

In the dry season, many mammals come towards water bodies, rivers, and lakes to satisfy their thirst. So visiting nearby watering holes would be the best choice for the easy access and spotting game is strong during those times.

Be Acquainted With Habitats

You can find mammals whether under or in trees, in or on termite mounds, holes in the ground, reeds or grassland etc. You should learn about sheltering habits of mammals and species while exploring the territory.

Hire Guide

If your guide is good enough then you have nothing left to think beyond. They have deep education of the deep forest even and where tigers and other animals dwell and come out often. The few symbols of animals are known to guide superbly.

Check on Weather

Animal activities depend on the weather conditions majorly. Too much hot and too cold make all the animals passive so best look at the climate conditions before heading to Tadoba National Park.

Right Use of Right Tools

Binoculars are a must thing to carry when you are at Tadoba National Park for the close view of wildlife. Don't forget to keep it in your safari bag. A guide book is also worth carrying for the better ideas of the routes and animals behavior.

The mass of the tiger population at Tadoba National Park is one of the highest known in India. The park is also constituted with the breeding census of leopards and a variety of species of deer as well.

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