Tadoba Safari Booking for monsoon season is open now! Safari is available for Buffer Zone Only. Core Zone Booking is closed till further notice.


Gypsy Jungle Safari Ride in Tadoba Andhari National Park

  • Jagat Singh
  • 03/Jan/2022
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tadoba gypsy safari

Tadoba National Park Gypsy Safari is the best medium to reach the deep forest where other modes of commuting do not reach. The topmost thrill is here in the park for lustrous delight with the opportunity to meet with exotic wildlife creatures. Gypsy safari not only lets you experience the view of a tiger but also some unique species that you first time come across with leopards, sloth bear, gaur, big cat, marsh crocodile.

The best time for sighting wild animals is in the morning and evening from Gypsy. The gypsy excursion is 4 hours morning and late afternoon respectively in the park. The national park view is the perfect point of exploration when there is a perfect guide to take you through the jungle to reachable areas where the probability of tiger view is better as they know the forest well and where the tiger dwells.

Gypsy covers all the routes of the forests of Tadoba National Park to let you have a good introduction of the wildlife and the depth of acknowledgment will be on the go. The core and buffer area all will be covered seamlessly in gypsy as it is best and super convenient and also preferable to maintain the family privacy.

The Tiger Reserve is divided into two zones or gates Tadoba core safari and buffer safari. You will get to know the difference between core zone and buffer zone and which is a suitable option for you when in Tadoba National Park.

Gypsy Safari in Tadoba Core Zone

Tadoba Gypsy safari in the core zone will be an enthralling and most in demand zone where tourists love to spend their precious time in the core zone. Core zone is the area where only you experience the appearance of forest and no villages while having gypsy safari to this zone. The real wildlife charm lies here and true explorers will enjoy most in the core zone. Reach there to see the beauty of the core zone as words fall short compared to reality.

Core Zone Safari of Tadoba

  • Moharli
  • Khutwanda
  • Navegaon
  • Kolara
  • Kolsa-zari
  • Pangdi

Tadoba Gypsy Safari in Buffer Zone

Tadoba Gypsy safari in the buffer zone is a sum of villages and forest. There are almost 79 villages in the buffer zone and the zone is likely to give you good experience with the natural water resources along with the view of your favorite wild animals. The buffer area price is a bit lower than the core zone and tiger sighting is unpredictable in both zones. The buffer zone is not over crowded so with ease you can have the feel of gypsy safari here.

  • Alizanza
  • Devada Adegaon
  • Agarzari
  • Junona
  • Madnapur Buffer Gate
  • Shirkheda Buffer Gate

Whether you opt for core zone and buffer zone Tadoba gypsy safari is going to make your day in jungle and you can make a most of the jungle

Tadoba Gypsy Safari Booking

For booking gypsy safari preferably go for online booking in advance for avoiding last minute hassle. We always recommend online gypsy safari booking for avoiding the last minute hassle.

Important Information about Gypsy Safari in Tadoba

  • Tiger Reserve remain closed on every Tuesday (only core)
  • Closing Dates of Safari is from July 1st to 15 October
  • Tadoba Jeep safaris are extremely comfortable and safe so enjoyment is full on.
  • There are two safaris available, one in morning and other in evening and apart from this you can book full day safari also.
  • Online Jungle safari bookings are the best to provide the best and useful entry gates for every individual.
  • Advance Booking is always a wise decision as you will get safaris to core zones where you have more wildlife exploration.

Best Time to Visit Tadoba

According to the tropical climate of Tadoba National Park, March to May is significantly the best time to see tigers as summer are at its peak especially in May month. The monsoon time is from June to September. October to November is also the best time to visit Tadoba National Park as you will enjoy the livelihood of green nature in this month. December to February is also the most visited time as this is seasonal as well. There are three durations now you have to pick the duration as per your preference for wildlife escapade.

  • Always discuss your fondness for gypsy safari to the guide such as birding is your priority or tiger spotting.
  • Only 10 to 15 percent of the forest is open to tourists and the rest is a restricted zone. So getting 2 safaris per day is a wise decision.
  • Morning safari is most amazing thing that can let you discover more of the jungle.
  • Book your safaris in advance. I suggest 2 for buffer zones and 2 for Moharli to cover the best.
  • Carry your print out document that you have submitted while doing online booking.
  • Carry always cash as no digital payment will be supported in no-network zones.
  • You can also follow something on your own as per your convenience.

Online Gypsy Safari Booking Procedure

Online Gypsy Safari Booking procedure for Tadoba National Park is quick and easy. It is better than on the spot booking. Super handy and completely safe. Check the guide step by step so that you don’t land in any hassle.

  • There are two options: Regular and Tatkal.
  • Go if you are booking for the safaris 3 days prior.
  • For tatkal few gypsies are available.
  • Check all the available zones for your preferred date and time.
  • Now you are finally registered with the safari after doing online payments.
  • Download the mail confirmation to show at the gate.

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