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Tourists at Tadoba Fined for Infringement of Park’s Rules

Tourists at Tadoba Fined for Infringement of Park’s Rules

  • Feb 22, 2024
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During a wildlife safari at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, five tourists were discovered consuming alcohol. In light of this inappropriate behavior, wildlife authorities have imposed fines of INR 5000 on each of the tourists. The incident occurred near Moharli Gate in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve, underscoring increasing concerns about misconduct and illegal activities by visitors in protected areas.

About the Incident:

Allegedly, the tourists embarked from Moharli Gate in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve , with one member of their group displaying a keen interest in spotting a tiger while traveling in a gypsy. Regrettably, it was reported that all occupants of the gypsy consumed alcohol during their exploration of the forest area. The vigilant tour guide, noticing this inappropriate behavior, promptly intervened, advising the tourists against alcohol consumption during the safari. Despite the guide's admonitions, the tourists persisted, leading the guide to take decisive action. The gypsy was brought back to Moharli Gate, and the incident was reported to forest officials, according to the accounts.

Following a thorough investigation, the administration of the Tadoba Tiger Project verified that all five tourists inside the vehicle were genuinely under the influence of alcohol. As a result, each tourist received a fine of INR 5000 and was barred from future visits to the reserve forests. The Forest Department collected a cumulative total of INR 25000 in fines from the individuals involved.

In order to safeguard the privacy of the tourists the Deputy Director of the Tadoba Tiger Project abstained from revealing their real identities, considering the concerns for privacy and human rights. Addressing the incident as indicative of a larger trend, Kale noted that fines for alcohol consumption have been applied to tourists in reserve forest areas previously. Underscoring the significance of these rigorous measures, he emphasized their role as a deterrent, dissuading other tourists from engaging in similar disruptive behavior and aiding in the conservation of the fragile ecosystem within the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve.

About Tadoba Tiger Reserve: Tadoba, among the country's oldest national parks, encompasses an expansive 1727 sq km, boasting exceptional forest tracks rich in diverse biodiversity. Designated as a tiger project in 1996, it provides a habitat for over 130 tigers and a variety of rare Indian animals, such as leopards, wild dogs, hyenas, wild boar, sloth bears, and bison.

Kevin D'Souza, Vice President of Business Development at DP World Subcontinent, emphasized that the data gathered by drones can facilitate strategic and precautionary measures, directly contributing to the protection of forests and wildlife. He highlighted the potential of drones in safeguarding the lives of forest field staff and the local community.

Beyond its tiger population, Tadoba shelters leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs, and a diverse array of bird species, creating a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Safari adventures in this region are truly captivating, with the excitement of encountering elusive big cats heightening the thrill. The reserve is actively engaged in conservation initiatives, dedicated to safeguarding endangered species and maintaining the integrity of their natural habitat.

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