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  • 22/11/2021
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tadoba tigers teriritory

Tadoba National Park is a treasure for wildlife enthusiasts. Roaming this land is a rich collection of tigers, leopards and deer. You catch an option to meet up with a number of the extraordinary wildlife beings. Housing 115 tigers in different zones and the park is the oldest and the leading reserve. Safari to Tadoba zones will let you spot tigers easily and also some of the beautiful creatures such as leopards, sloth bears, gaur, and wild cats. Tadoba is very much good at connectivity and all the forests are best connected forests. Travelling more with more travel choices will lead you to wildlife wonderlands. Wildlife vacay is enriching with tiger safari in Tadoba and the sudden encounter with tigers leave you blissfully excited.

Tiger families of Tadoba National Park

  • Maya
  • Matkasur
  • Gabbar or Scarface
  • Choti Tara
  • Bajrang
  • Shivaji

Tigers have an immense chance to get viewed around lakes especially in summers and offers all the tourists a long time sighting. Tadoba has Tiger territories around lakes. These lakes are easily belonging to the skillful swimmers Tiger.

Tigers are known to be skillful swimmers. Tadoba tigers can be easily seen in the river bodies with their splash. Which gate in Tadoba has a high chance of tiger sightings?

The National Park is separated into 3 forest ranges:

  • Tadoba North Range
  • Moharli Range
  • Kolsa South Range

The high chances of tiger sightings are in all gates of the park including the buffer zones. Moharli range is the best zone for tiger sightings of the tigers like Namdeo, Scarface and many more.

  • The core zone - 6 gates
  • Buffer zone - 12 gates

Core zone entry gates

  • Moharli Gate
  • Khutwanda Gate
  • Kolara Gate
  • Navegaon Gate
  • Pangdi
  • Zari Gate

Buffer zone entry gates

  • Agarzari
  • Devada-Adegaon
  • Junona
  • Kolara
  • Ramdegi-Navegaon
  • Alizanza
  • Madnapur
  • Mamla
  • Pangdi
  • Sirkada
  • Zari/Peth
  • Kesalghat

Entry gates are very well articulated so no confusions will be there when you have tiger safari. We try our best to avail you best safari zones for the maximum chance of spotting tigers.

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