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Tigers of Tadoba

Introduction to the Tigers of Tadoba National Park

  • Siddh & Deepak Rai
  • 22 Mar 2022
  • Comments (5k)

Updated on-31/Mar/2022 - Tadoba National Park located in Chandrapur districts of Maharashtra is one of the top places in India to spot Royal Bengal Tigers resting in its wilderness. Tadoba is presently home to more than 115 tigers, 151 leopards and more than 300 species of other wildlife. India contributes around 70 per cent of the world's tiger population. Tadoba is one such popular tiger reserve famous for tiger sightings. Tadoba wildlife sanctuary is one of the oldest and largest forests in the state of Maharashtra. The most enjoyed activity in Tadoba is Jeep and cater safari ride that takes you the each and every corner of the jungle and make it unexplored for you.

Here we list some popular tiger of Tadoba National Park that rules over the territory of the Tadoba Andhari National Park.

SR.NO. Name of the Big Cat His/Her Introduction
01. Maya (T12) Popularly called as queens of Tadoba. Maya Enchants, Maya is the crowd puller; Maya generates economy for this place, Maya made Tadoba popular to the extent that whenever we talk about Tadoba Maya's name definitely comes up.
02. Sonam (T30) Seeing Sonam was special because she was no ordinary tigress. She was the Queen of Telia lake in Tadoba. Viswas , our guide went on narrating her stories as we gradually made our way to the Telia lake hoping to catch glimpse of the Queen and her cubs again.Sonam was born to the Tadoba queen Madhuri and Wagdoh.
03. Bajrang (T49) This dominant male is not so tourist-friendly like his other counterparts. He is typically shy of the camera and seems to prefer privacy. Sighting Bajrang is actually a delight as he rarely shows his presence. If any safari team spots him, they can consider themselves lucky
04. Chota Matka Chota Matka is the active male cub of Choti Tara and Matkasur. Just like his parents, Chota Matka is a highly energetic tiger, who likes to appear in front of the tourists often. He is also reported to inherit hunting skills from his parents and present a glimpse of it in front of the tourists in recent past.
05. Choti Tara Choti Tara is the daughter of famous Tara tigress. She is one of the few tigresses with a radio collar around her neck used to track her movements. She got her looks and attributes from her mother 'Tara. She reigns a large territory and is gradually becoming a famous attraction of TATR. According to the latest sighting reports, she is recently spotted frequently with her male cub Chota Matka.
06. Matkasur He is the dominant male tiger of Tadoba. He is known as the current 'King of Tadoba' because of his repetitive wins against old 'Gabbar'. He was named 'Matkasur' because of his huge size and 'pot-belly' body frame. He is said to be the father of Choti Tara's cub Chota Matka. The giant male is reported to appear frequently in front of the tourist vehicles.

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