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Top 5 Things Never to forget while going on Tadoba Wildlife Safari

Top 5 Things Never to forget while going on Tadoba

  • 07/Oct/2022
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Going on a wildlife safari is an excellent rejuvenation experience, especially for urban dwellers. Tadoba wildlife safari is unlike the movie theater; instead of being a woeful experience, one must consider several factors to ensure their wildlife safari is memorable and desirable.

Few Facts:

  • The Foremost thing to remember is that Tadoba Tiger Safari provides the authorized rules and regulations for a desirable safari experience and as a visitor, you should make a point to follow them.
  • The Second thing as a visitor, you should not forget is to desist from some activities like playing loud music, carrying inflammable objects or blowing horns, etc. while going on a Tadoba Jungle Safari.
  • The Third rule to follow is to refrain from offering eatables to wild animals and birds as they are well taken care of by the Tadoba National Park authorities.
  • The Fourth thing one must not forget is to drive slowly due to the rocky terrain as it is difficult to negotiate and animals may also get harmed as they can be hurt if not taken care of.
  • While checking out from the hotels and resorts of Tadoba to the national park, the final rule crucial to follow is to carry a sufficient amount of drinking water at your convenience.

Rather than planning your vacations in foreign lands or any other picturesque places, plan them in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra instead. In addition to exploring Tadoba's rich wildlife heritage, you can also experience some of the most authentic Maharashtrian "Varhadi" food.

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