Tadoba Safari Booking for monsoon season is open now! Safari is available for Buffer Zone Only. Core Zone Booking is closed till further notice.

Travel Guide to Tadoba Safari Booking

Travel Guide to Tadoba Safari

  • 30/Sep/2022
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When it comes to wildlife, travel has unlimited fun and more reasons to have joy in the forest. The facility of Tadoba jeep safari is available to make the trip even more overpowering and an interesting experience for the tourists. Through this dedicated guide, we will guide you through the ultimate Tadoba Safari Booking for a memorable experience.

Different Types of Tadoba Tiger Safari

There are four types of safaris available in Tadoba National Park, which are as follows: -

1. Core Safari- This Safari will take you to the core of the jungle with a higher chance of sighting. Because of the higher demand, the core safari tends to fill up faster than any of the others. Hence, the pricing is also complicated of the core safari.

2. Buffer Safari- Since the tiger population is increasing consistently and each tiger needs its own territory, therefore, the chances of sightings in the buffer zone are also increasing significantly.

3. Full-day Safari- Amongst all, it is an expensive option for the photographers and the videographers who wish to spend longer in the forest.

4. Night Safari- There is usually mixed reviews about the night safari because some might have good sightings while others have not seen a thing. Sighting during a full moon night is definitely a thing to experience. The only disadvantage is that you won’t be able to take good pictures in the dark.

Tadoba Jungle Safari Gates/Zones

TATR is divided into core and buffer zones. While safari is only allowed in the core areas. Various ecotourism activities like nature walk, and boating, are allowed in the buffer zones. Many resorts located in this zone such as the Tadoba Jungle Camp also facilitate these activities.
It is ideal to fill up the core gates first. This is because they are the most likely to have seen big cats. So, you will have to plan accordingly for the Tadoba core zones as well as the buffer zones.

Which is the best zone in Tadoba?

The Most popular zone in Tadoba is Moharli. The Moharli zone is the most accessible and has the highest number of gates and is also the home to some of the best jungle resorts. It is also one of the most crowded gates of all.
If you wish to travel to the uncrowded gates/zones, then Navegaon or Kolara can also be good options.

How to book a jungle safari in Tadoba?

One can book a jungle safari in Tadoba either online or through the hotel.

How can you book a jeep in Tadoba?

Jeep booking is included in the safari pricing at Tadoba National Park. So, visitors don’t need to book a jeep separately in Tadoba.

Best Time to Visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve

During the summer season, the best months to visit Tadoba are from March to June for tiger sightings. As the temperatures are high and the vegetation is sparse so there is a greater chance of the visibility of tigers as they come out to drink water.
And, during the winter season, the best months to visit Tadoba is from December to February as the temperatures are lower with decent sighting and comfortable weather; it is still easy to sight tigers through the less dense foliage.

Important Points to Note

• During monsoon season, the months from July to September remain closed in Tadoba National Park.

• Buffer gates are closed every Wednesday.

• Core gates are closed every Tuesday.

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