Tadoba Safari Booking for monsoon season is open now! Safari is available for Buffer Zone Only. Core Zone Booking is closed till further notice.

What Attractions makes us drawn to Tadoba National Park

What Attractions makes us drawn to Tadoba

  • 02/Jan/2023
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tadoba tigers cub

Forests, meadows, and deep valleys provide a great upbringing for tigers to blossom. In an open-top gypsy, you can take a Jungle or Tiger Safari at Tadoba National Park. You have the best opportunity of spotting shy Sloth bears, leopards, tigers, and Wild Dogs. The enjoyable round trip will soothe your soul to the core. You will remain awestruck with the beauty of the landscape and the setting is pristine. What else will remain left to make you entertain that may confuse you because plentiful wildlife is here in Tadoba indeed head turner.

A Quick Glance of Leopard, Tiger

The candidness of observing leopard and Tiger are full of fun and enthusiasm. You also can be the lucky one who suddenly comes across a Leopard and Tiger effortlessly. The quick view of the surrounding along with the wild animal's presence is one of the best times to spend. You should capture those candid videos for keeping memory safe.

Flora and fauna of Tadoba National Park

Every season Tadoba emerges uniquely and attracts varied tourists worldwide. Home to many various species which you have never seen in urban areas. Tigers are natural dwellers here and apart from tigers, there are other attractive wild animals other than tigers. Such attractive inclusion of Leopard, Wild Dog, Sloth Bear, Sambar, Jackal, Barking Deer, and Indian Bison is ultimate for the view.
Some amazing floras of Tadoba National Park are Teak, Bija, Ain, Bamboo, Dhaoda, Tendu, Arjun, Haldu. This stunning hunting place is full of life, full of beauty with bamboo and teak, and marshlands, lakes, and craggy cliffs are just things to explore. The wild flora and fauna are full of fascination and they uniquely distract you.

Some Tadoba Travel Tips

  • Considering Tadoba National Park and Tiger Reserve's popularity, plan your trip well in advance. There are relatively few places to stay in the region, and safaris are few and far between.
  • You should keep in mind that the gates around the buffer zone are located at different locations when booking accommodations. If you wish to enter through a particular gate, choose an accommodation nearby.
  • It is one of the few tourist destinations in India where foreigners and Indians pay the same entry fee.
  • While temperatures can be extremely hot in the summer months (March through May), tiger sightings are most likely to be in winter.
  • Between June and September is the monsoon season. Travel during this season may be difficult due to blocked roads, and expedition options may be limited. While a good number of the buffer area remain open throughout the monsoon season, the core area remains closed. On jeep safaris or canter safaris in the reserve, cell phones are not allowed.

Booking Of Permits and Safaris

A safari jeep and forest entry permits must be booked separately at Tadoba. Upon entering the forest, you must purchase an entry permit for Rs 50 per person at the main entrance.

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