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Enjoy Your Weekend with Big Animals at Tadoba

  • Jagat Singh
  • 02/May/2022
  • Comments (5k)
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Tadoba National Park is the Big Animals spot where you have the full chance to have a lively sighting of them. Your curiosity will turn into fulfillment once you will see them in their natural habitat. Most people have their take on wildlife and its venture. If you have visited many national parks and sanctuaries yet did not meet with big animals then being here in Tadoba National Park would be too overwhelming for you because your wish is going to be accomplished.

If you want to walk in my footsteps then you will never be disappointed. Chandrapur is the home of Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. Most trees in the park are teak and crocodile bark. A variety of exotic animals, reptiles, birds, and other species live there as well. Let’s know where your favorite big animal species can be spotted.

Bengal Tigers Spotting Possibility

There are multiple species of tigers in Tadoba National Park since it is a Tiger Reserve. Moharli and Kolara are one of the best zones where meeting with the Royal Bengal Tigers would be quite easy as they generally roam around the villages.

Bengal Tiger Appearance

You got to see very big male Bengal tigers are 9ft tall and weigh around 420 pounds while female tigers are 8ft tall and weigh around 310 pounds. They are very big animals and experts in killing humans. Their only drawback is that they cannot climb trees or their height is not reachable to them.

Leopard Spotting Possibility

Leopard’s occasional sighting is possible in the forest. Leopard is one of the prime dwellers of the park.

Leopard Appearance

Leopard is the second big cat after the Royal Bengal Tiger in Tadoba National park. This big animal has robust legs and extensive tails, wide snot, dumpy ears, and gorgeous yellowish-grey eyes. Indian Leopard body is in a yellowish-brown color that is very gorgeous in looking. They are of 4.8 ft height, 2.6 ft to 3 ft long tail, and just about weigh up to 34 kg.

Asiatic Wild Dogs Spotting Possibility

Asiatic Wild Dogs can be found in the central zone of the park. These dogs are dwelling inside the park in the pack. Spotting them is not tough here in the park.

Asiatic Wild Dog Appearance

They are a mix of grey wolves and a red fox, with cat-like sloped back and legs, small snouts, and egg-shaped shaped ears. Female dogs are weighing around 10 to 17 Kg while Male dogs' weight is 15 to 21 Kg. There are other big animals apart from them such as Indian Bison, Sloth Bear, and many others.

Important Note

Always prefer to book a safari a few days before visiting your desirable zones so that spotting your beasties would be even simpler.

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